Street Art Spotting in Berlin

Berlin is arguably Europe’s best destination for Street art. Here’s how to discover and explore this ever evolving medium in one of Europe’s coolest capital cities…

Fist of all… What is street art, and why is it rising in popularity in cities all over the world today? The definition can vary depending on who you ask. While I was in Berlin I was lucky enough to catch a street art tour as part of my German language and culture immersion with the Goethe Institute. (Much, much more on that later!) Our guide explained that street art is uncommissioned, illegal, and often comes from untrained artists in an urban environment who are using it to express their opinions about the world around them. This is what I love about street art, and why I think it resonates all over the globe. Street art creates an unexpected dialogue with the urban landscape around us, often inspiring us to see a familiar place in a new way. It is an art form that truly cuts across class and cultural lines. Nobody has to pay an admission to a museum to experience street art. It belongs to the city and the people it was created in.

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Street art in Berlin can range from massive murals by international artists such as Der Gelben Mann, in Kreutzberg…


To stencils, which can be applied quickly so the artist can avoid being caught.


To posters and paste ups in doorways…


and bigger pieces that acquire layers over time.


You don’t really need a special tour to find street art in Berlin, as it is absolutely everywhere, However the hotbed neighborhoods of Kreutzberg and Neuköln are good places to start.

My favorite destination for street art in Berlin isn’t in a hipster neighborhood though, it’s actually right in the middle of the city center’s bustling Alexanderplatz. An der Spandauer Brücke is a railroad bridge that has become an ever evolving canvas for some of the most thought provoking street art I saw during my time in Berlin. Even in the short span of time I was there, new items appeared daily on the bridge, adding layers of meaning to what was already there. I never knew what I was going to discover when I walked by.

On any given day I might find Berlin’s famous dancing girls…


joined by philosophical quotes in multiple languages.


Street Art in Berlin

Find a chained up sculpture…


Or wander behind an apartment building to find a series of expressive faces…

Street art Frederickschain Berlin

Berlin’s street art scene expresses the city’s raw, pulsating energy perfectly. There’s seemingly no end to it’s inventiveness and taking it in is an essential part of the Berlin experience… so check it out!


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