Triptease: Berlin & Copenhagen

Last time I was in Berlin it was the late 1990s. The Cold War hadn’t ended so long ago and I was a dirty young backpacker hungry to get a glimpse at a once forbidden city. Now I’ll be headed there for a different reason– language and cultural immersion. Yep, I’ll be making good on my threat to finally develop my German speaking skills with a two week language speaking course in this hip and pulsating capital city!

But let’s not kid ourselves, I won’t be spending my entire time with my nose in the books. Berlin is an amazing city to explore. One of the things people tell me about Berlin that intrigues me the most is that it is constantly changing. So that cool bar, club or gallery I’ve been told about may have already evolved into something different by the time I’ve arrived there. More to discover!

As usual, I’ve taken to the internet to get myself psyched for the trip and have been reading up on festivals and events by following Berlin-centric twitter feeds like I Heart Berlin, Exberliner and Slow Travel Berlin. I’m so excited for the music scene and the street art. This freaky Abandoned Building Twilight Tour looks right up my alley…

What makes this trip even cooler is that I’ll be stopping by in Copenhagen on my way over! I’ve heard that I’m going to fall in and out of love 1,000 times while I’m there because Danish people are all so damn good looking. Gird your loins, sexy Danes, Miss Apple is on her way!

And I’ll be blogging about it all here, natürlich…

So what are your favorite things to experience in these two kick-ass cities? I gotta  know! 

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