24 Hours in Colmar, France

How to enjoy a European small city break in Colmar, France.

It’s a new year and I’m keeping true to my intention of focusing more on local travel. One of the most wonderful things about living in Switzerland is that there’s such an abundance of cultures to explore right in my own backyard. Colmar, France is only a short train ride over the French border from Basel, making it easy for a regular weekend or even a day trip. But it feels a world away from the sleek streets of Zürich and offers a charming and unexpected meshing of many cultures.

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So why go to Colmar? In one day you can experience…

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The canals of Colmar’s very own Petit Venice!

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The most charming storefronts I’ve seen  in Europe, offering a mix of  both French  and German aesthetics.

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Stroll down cobbled streets and soak up the old world charm in an array of shops selling, jams, pastries, pottery and cheeses. 

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And of course…. French Food! 

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A mouthwatering seafood dish deserves to be accompanied by some Alsatian wine in the signature green-stemmed wine glass!

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Colmar is a safe and charming location that is ideal for a solo traveller. It’s size makes it easily digestible in a day or two and the abundance of public squares, restaurants, cafes and boutiques make the perfect refuge for the adventurer on her own. Bring your senses back to life and enjoy a taste of cafe culture in Colmar. You’ll see a mix of cultures and sensibilities in this highly walkable and meticulously preserved Medieval town that to me bring together the best of French joie de vivre and German attention to detail.

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