Triptease: Iceland

Maybe it’s all that time I spent listening to Björk in high school, but I’ve always wanted to travel to Iceland. This February I’ll get my chance!

The plan to travel to this frozen wonderland was hatched on the breezy summer shores of Cape Cod of all places… when me and one of my lifelong girlfriends realized that we both shared the same dream. We high fived on it over a couple glasses of wine and swore that we’d follow through. Although many schemes born over sea breeze and a reasonably priced bottle of Pinot float away on the next tide, this one did not! We spent the next few months planning and recruiting other awesome ladies to our cause. The result: This February I’ll be meeting four kickass ladies from Boston in Reykjavík for the ultimate Icelandic adventure!

I’d been holding off on going to Iceland for years because of lack of a convenient travel partner. All of my friends and readers know that I normally sing the praises of solo travel loud and proud. I have no problem trolling around museums, getting lost in back alleys and dining out in restaurants on my own. But for some reason, nature adventures seem better shared with a friend than city breaks do. When I see the Northern lights for the first time, plunge into my first hot pot or snorkel along the continental shelf (all on our itinerary!) I want a buddy to turn to and say, “This effing rules, girl!”

Additionally, nature/outdoorsy travel will be a new experience that will totally push me out of my beloved Funky Urban Adventure wheelhouse. I am beyond psyched to get to explore a new corner of the world in a new way, but I don’t know what to expect. This is where you come in, gentle readers. Here they are, my top questions about getting the most out of my Icelandic Travel Adventure:

  1. What kind of gear should I bring?  We will be based in Reykjavík and taking day excursions out into the countryside for activities such as Glacier hikes, snorkeling and possibly even riding Icelandic horses. I know that being outdoors in Iceland will likely bring the kind of cold that is unimaginable to even a hearty New England girl like myself, so things like good insulated hiking boots, thick ski socks, ski pants and long underwear are all on my list. Is there anything else I should bring to battle the cold? (Spoiler Alert: I’m a huge wuss about the cold.) Also, what would you suggest to maximize my enjoyment of some of the sights I will see? Friends have suggested a Neoprene face mask and a waterproof camera for the snorkeling adventure. Anything else I should put on my list?
  2. What’s the best way to experience the hot springs? I’m a water baby, plain and simple. Beyond the Blue Lagoon, which we’ll definitely hit, I know there’s lots of amazing spas and hot springs in Iceland. Anything I should not miss?
  3. How will I experience the people? Iceland is full of natural wonders, but I hear the people are pretty great and the nightlife in the capital isn’t half bad either! What are the do not miss cultural experiences that my trip will be incomplete without? Favorite local bars? Best ways to stay warm with a cutie in a cosy sweater? I need to know!
  4. Is there anything else I should know before I go to make the most of my time there?

Thank you, beautiful people. I’ll be chatting more about Iceland here, I’m sure of it. For now, check out these breathtaking inspirational photos of Iceland from Leave Your Daily Hell! 

4 thoughts on “Triptease: Iceland

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Good luck on your trip. I’ll be posting a comprehensive guide on Monday. Please check it out, as I believe it’ll answer a lot of your questions. Good luck!

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