2013-2014 Travel Redux

I’ve always measured the years of my life in school years. As the summer holidays come to a close and a new school year begins, I’ve already begun to think about where I’ll be traveling on this year’s school vacations. A look forward warrants a look back though, so here it is, the travel redux for my first year living in Switzerland:

  1. Zurich, *
  2. Zug*
  3. Baar*
  4. Luzern
  5. Paris
  6. Giverny*
  7. Bellinzona*
  8. Bern*
  9. Garda, Italy*
  10. Prague*
  11. Wengen, CH*
  12. Madrid
  13. Lisbon*
  14. Basel*
  15. Konstanz*, Germany
  16. Budapest*
  17. Rhine Falls, CH*
  18. Rigi, CH*
  19. Colmar, France*
  20. Geneva, CH*
  21. London, England
  22. Cambridge, England*
  23. Stratford, England
  24. Leichster, England*
  25. Birmingham, England*

*Denotes new place

So I went to 25 different cities in Europe this year, 20 of them new to me. Not too bad when you throw working full time and getting a crash course on living as an expat in the mix! Who knows where this next year will bring me. I want it to be a good mix of exploring Switzerland, going to completely new countries and visiting both large cities and small towns. Maybe I’ll even make it to another continent this year.

How do you plan your travel?

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