Random update!

Woo! So I’m updating live from the cafe at the beautiful bedlam theater where they have free wireless! Brrr! It is cold so I’m warming up with some Moroccan mint tea before I head over to silent discomfort, a music experiment that promises two Djs, 1,000 people with headphones and a “garunteed eargasm”. Just came from a dance theater version of kafka’s metamorphasis that was all black leotardey, gothy, theaterwankey and good.
Day got off to a bumpy start, I was tired and headachey so I did not make it from my nest at the b&b until well afternoon, but my day was amazing. I went to the national modern art gallery and dean gallery, which are not to be missed if you are an art lover. They are way out in a posh, leafy end of town that’s stacked with stately Georgian mansions and ornate churches. They overlook the waters of leith, which are a nice place to take an afternoon stroll. So natural, leafy and overgrown you’d never guess those roaring waters snake through the center of town. The grounds are full of sculpture and avant guarde landscaping, and the galleries packed with work by noted artists. By far my favorite part was the dean gallery. So well put together and interesting. There is the largest and most interesting g collection of surrealist and dada art Ive seen outside of Paris. Part of the gallery is a preserved version of the library of a Scottish art collector, complete with many of the letters and works of the poet Paul eluard, I using drawings and Poems he created with his friend Picasso. Surrealist books, photos and artifacts are stacked up to the ceeling. A recording of Paul eluard speaking in French plays throughout. Yet another fascinating part of the museum is the workshop of a prominent Scottish artist preserved in detail with his stacks of drawings, sculpture and junk. So cool.

I had a rad day and I’m. Pumped to dance my pants off at silent disco!

Rock out girl scouts!

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