Worst. Bus ride. Ever.

So here I am, enveloped in warm, marshmallowey sheets at my Edinburgh b&b, sipping tea and watching the daily show. Even the sheets smell sweet here. The sheets, they smell like mother’s milk by god. What it took to get here was quite harrowing though.
The bus ride TO Inverness was about as simple and straightforward as it gets. 3.5hours door to door, no changes, that’s that. The way home? Different story. Shortly outside of Inverness there was a bad accident and the highway was shut down. We were forced into an hour long detour over rolling hills which my eerily good sense of rough direction told me was unfortunately not heading south to Edinburgh. After close to two hours of this the driver stopped the bus and told us that we’d be returning to Edinburgh via glassgow where we’d switch buzzes, but not before he took his mandatory break. Oh, and all those people who needed to make a connection in Perth? Yeah, not happening. Those poor bastards would have to go all the way back to Edinburgh with us and the. Back to Perth, effectively making a large circle around all of fucking Scotland. At this point people began to rightfully fuss over missing flights and connections, and one woman demanded to be let off in ft. William, which he did. Ft. William, btw, is only about 35miles from Inverness, where we had started out THREE HOURS prior. It is not enough to say the bus went on a detour, we went AWOL for 8.5 hours over the moors and mountains of scotland, over rain slick, sepentine roads. I feel lucky we didn’t tumble into a loch, which would have been a fitting end to this misadventure. On the upside, I got a very scenic tour around the shores of loch lomond and glencoe national park.
By the time I got back to Edinburgh I’d already missed the show I had tickets to tonight. That’s ok though because the b&b is so cozy I may not be pried out of bed for the duration of my stay. The cheery proprietor greeted me at the door by my name and showed me my chic, cozy, well decorated room. Now I’m sipping tea in bed, blogging and watching tv. I have to say it Is a fitting end to a frustratig day.

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