Got a real taste of some traditional Scottish weather today. They say it was a Scotsman who invented the raincoat and I’m inclined to believe it. Rarely have I ever been so grateful for a waterproof layer.
I admit I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and a tad lonesome, however today all but erased those feelings. Followed mom’s advice and had a bit of a lie in this morning, filled my belly with some free Scottish breakfast and headed out in the downpour to the national galleries. They had a Spanish exhibition on, everything from Goya and velasquez right up to Picasso and the Spanish civil war and all the politics surrounding it. There was a special emphasis on Spanish influence on British art and thinking. So cool to see art from a new perspective. I also fulfilled my dream of seeing one of my favorite Picassos in person for the very first time… The weeping woman.

After that I headed out to climb the scots monument, a tall, cathedral like spire perched on a hill opposite the castle billing itself as “Edinburgh in 265 steps”. Saw some incredible views of eerie, dreary Edinburgh. I am in awe of how beautiful it is and in awe of the fact that I am here.

Then, off to see trainspotting. It warrants a mention that on the bus ride to the theater I saw not one, not two but three police call boxes, one directly across the street from a pub called the doctor’s. Coincidence? I think not. I plan on photographing every one I see while I’m here and calling it my TARDIS series. But where was I anyway? Oh yeah, the play. I admit that I was dubious about seeing one of my favorite books turned into a play and sceptical about my ability to appreciate the play without comparing it to the movie. Trainspotting was mastefully rendered by a small ensemble of actors who took on multiple characters throughout the journey. Held together rivetingly by the actor who played marc Renton, a master storyteller, with a real standout performance by the actress who played Alison, trainspotting the play was true irvine welsh; raw, gut churning imagery, powerful, flawed and complex characters, humorous, raunchy and moving without preachiness or false morality. This was an incredibly well done piece that I feel captured the colorful language and moral ambiguity of the novel. Kudos to the props designer who created the most realistic bodily fluids I’ve ever seen on stage.
Yesterday I met up with my friend and her school group to see a piece of puppet theater called Lilly through the Dark. This was the gorgeously haunting tale of a little girl who loses her father and then kills herself to go looking for him in the afterlife. The venue, bedlam theater was a converted church in a funky bohemian neighborhood.

One thought on “Rainspotting

  1. If there is more than one TARDIS, are they TARDII?

    Glad you got your mojo back with the help of Picasso and dramatic bodily fluids – can’t wait to read more! Just got back from my own vacation and would like to continue, albeit vicariously. 🙂

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