Edinburgh days 1 & 2

So here i am. The last two days have been epic. I love my housing at the university. We are in the shadow of Arthur ‘s seat , when I look out my window I can see it rising up around me. The room is Spartan but pleasant. The highlight is having my own private bathroom, which I was not expecting.
My room is equipped with that ubiquitos British kitchen tool, the hot water pot, you know just in case you need to brew a pot of tea at the drop of a hat . The room is also stocked with tea , instant coffee and shampoos, very cozy and hotel like . And oh, the free breakfast in the dining hall! I should really write a travel guide called “free breakfasts of Europe” because I’ve tried most of them and this one is exceptionally copious, diverse and tasty . Speaking of food, today I lunched at susies whole food diner
An earthy, vegetarian spot slightly off the beaten path. It was outstanding and the staff was very friendly. 4 Alyssa stars!

Today I went to see Edinburgh castel. A word to the wise… The queue is MASSIVE. I waited for over an hour to buy my ticket. Wish I had though to book in advance online. Once inside the views are amazing, you can see the entirety of this hilly, middle-earthy fairy tale of a city, all the way to the ocean. Amazing history in the place but beware of the crown jewels
Museum,it was hot, stuffy and packed to the point of practically being a fire hazzard. Most of it is just a hoaky exhibit about the jewels (ok so they DO have a pretty cool story) with such a serpentine layout that it is a constant traffic jam. The actual jewels are in one cramped room and by the time I got to them I was all like whatever. Again though, the view from the castle is worth it!
After this I plan on sorting out the shows I will see in the next few days. Hint…there IS a trainspotting play! Useless trivia: trainspotting was a play before it was a movie. The guy who played spud in the movie played Marc in the original stage play. I am not obsessed.
So that’s about all there is to report today. Stay tuned for all the news that’s fit to hammer out on my iPhone with my fat little fingers. I blame the touch screen for any typos.

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh days 1 & 2

  1. Plz to be updating, you!

    (Course, you’re probably busy eating haggis and having your feet rubbed by David Tennant whilst The Proclaimers sing a merry tune, but when you get a chance…) 😉

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