To Pack, Or Not To Pack?

I always start off saying I’ll travel light. Then I reach the inevitable tipping point between not wanting to be uncomfortable on the go (yes, I will bring enough socks underwear for every day of the trip instead of just hoping that the hostel has laundry!) and packing everything but the kitchen sink (lavender scented eye pillows are essentials!) and it all ends up downhill from there. Down a very, very heavy and unwieldy hill. 

This time I’m hoping to reach a balance. I plan on carrying one small suitcase that usually is considered the size of a large carry-on on most airlines (although some deem it too large and require me to check it) a purse, and a tote bag. That’s it. Anything that doesn’t fit gets left at home. And bonus points if I can manage to leave room in my luggage to bring back souvenirs. 

So what are your travel essentials? I’ll tell you right now, I’m only bringing two pairs of shoes. I’m nixing my hairdryer (hair is nice and short at the ‘mo) and I’m curbing my co-dependent relationship with my computer by leaving it at home. (The fact that I actually seriously considered lugging a laptop around Scotland for two weeks shows how deep that dependency runs.) And get this… I’m only bringing two bracelets, two necklaces and two pairs of impossibly over-sized plastic earrings. Those who know me know what a big deal that is. 

What are those clever little things you are always glad you packed? What do you always wish you’d left at home?

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