Good Reads: Outlander

Oh, Diana Gabaldon, where have you been all my life? And why didn’t I discover the Outlander series sooner? A friend recommended them to me in light of my impending trip to Scotland and I’m hooked. Set in eighteenth (and twentieth!) century Scotland, the books have everything a girl like me could love… historical fiction, time travel and plenty of bodice ripping thrown in there for good measure.

They are the ideal summer read. I’m a little obsessed. I may even be trying to get my boyfriend to call me “sassenach” just like the burly and brave Scottish highlander Jamie Frazer calls his English lass Claire. Or not. Whatever. That would be so lame.

I’m a little nervous that the books are going to set me up for some serious disappointment. What happens when I get to Inverness and it isn’t flanked with Castles and kilted men on horseback? I’m still holding out for a Nessie encounter though.

Off to read…

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